Q.  Why should I choose a vinyl liner pool over a gunite swimming pool? 

A vinyl pool offers an affordable option to attain a variety of pool shapes.  Along with affordability comes practicality.  Vinyl liners are more suitable to an area that is prone to cold winters.  Unline vinyl, extreme temperatures cause gunite pools to crack.  Vinyl liners require less maintenance than gunite pools because painting, acid washing and tile replacement are not necessary.  

Q.  How long does a vinyl liner last? 

With normal use a vinyl liner will last over 20 years. 

Q.  Can I build a pool in my backyard?

Yes.  Cosmo Pools is noted for success in the most complex conditions.  We pride ourselves on being able to install  pools in locations that other companies have labeled as "impossible."  

Q.  When is the best time to install a pool? 

We install pools from April 1st through November 15th.  

Frequently Asked Questions