About Us

In 1964, Cosmo DiLiegro was a young father whose life's work was to make his 3 children happy.  He enlisted the help of a friend and together the two men installed a built in swimming pool in the backyard.  The kids were ecstatic, and a business was born off of Cosmo's mission to make his family happy.  Families throughout the city of Revere saw the swimming pool Cosmo built and quickly became the number one item on the top of every family's wish-list.  With each year that passsed, requests for a pool by Cosmo continued to increase.


Cosmo's sons, Johnny and Michael, joined their dad in 1970 and established Cosmo Pools.  Every day since, as they set out to do their best work, Cosmo reminds is sons, "Service is our most important product."  For 47 years, the three have worked together to build not only a superior product, but a stellar reputation.  They have expanded over the years to include hot tubs, fountains, and cement patios among their offerings. 

Remaining true to his original plan, Cosmo DiLiegro's goal is to make families happy.  Cosmo, Johnny & Michael have over 4 decades of experience making them uniquely qualified to create the backyard of your dreams.